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Alicante, Valencian Community


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Industrial sector: Toys


Area: 20.000 sqm

Alicante, Valencian Community

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     The main Company at the toy industry in Spain puts its trust on Lymsa and Inurban (promoter), both belonging to Tenepa Group, for the construction of 20.000 sqm of warehouse. An extensive and modern logistics center located in the industrial park ‘Las Atalayas’ in Alicante, where the toy Company can now develop their business more efficiently and competitively, thanks to vanguardist facilities.

     Famosa employs directly over 300 people throughout the year, and about 500 people during peak season. The new logistics platform will make posible to advance in the expanding process of the Company.

     The center has an exterior design as simple as striking, with áreas of the enclosure and loading docks colored in bright red to attract the attention. Inside, translucent covers help to improve the energy efficiency of the Company. Furthermore, the center has an electronic system of home automation (domotic), and from one screen we can control parameters as the lights or the air pressure inside the warehouse, making maintenance a much easier task. 

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