LYMSA Covers

 A specialized division to offer you the best service and quality on installation and rehabilitation of all types of covers and enclosures.




      • One sheet metal covers

A greased sheet of pre-lacquered or galvanized steel. The simplest and fastest option, which you can customize in different finishes for livestock stores, agricultural, canopies or industrial warehouses.

      • Sandwich panel covers

A double sheet of pre-lacquered steel between which insures a layer of insulation PUR, PIR or wool of rock of different thickness according to the needs of the construction.

      • In-situ sandwich shells

Two greased sheets separated by a profile and with intermediate insulation. An option that increases the tightness of the warehouse. 

      • Deck covers

Deck covers offer the greatest sealing by means of an asphalt or synthetic external mesh that adds to a rigid insulation in different thicknesses and a sheet of steel. They are therefore the most used covering in large areas, shopping centers or logistics platforms. 


Cubiertas, fachadas, envolventes Lymsa


     We offer all kind of finishes as well as decorative panels and roof tiles, installing any type of accessory that you want to incorporate, such as exutrices, skylights, vacuum cleaners or translucent panels, which will increase the natural lighting of your warehouse and have a significant energy saving. All types of roofs and enclosures can be combined with translucent panels in order to get more natural light. Contact us. 





      • One sheet metal facades

The most economical option, a prelaced or galvanized steel sheet that you can customize in different finishes and colours.

      • Sandwich panel facades

Two steel sheets with an insulating core of different systems, like PUR, PIR or rock wool, according to their needs of isolation and soundproofing.

      • In-situ sandwich facades

A double sheet with metal separators and insulation of rock wool or fiberglass.

      • Ventilated facades

They add a plus of design and aesthetics that is very used in offices, but also include an air chamber in constant circulation that contributes a great energy saving and guaratees the watertightness.


fachada envolventes panel sandwich


     Update the image of your business with a simple coating, improve the thermal and acoustic insulation in addition to your first impression. Discover the wide range of options that LYMSA Covers and Enclosures offers to you: from rehabilitation with the simplest enclosure, to a great variety of architectural facades that will distinguish you from the competition with decorative coverings. Don't hesitate and consult us.    


At LYMSA you will receive the advice of an experienced technical team. If you want to contact directly the division of covers and enclosures you can write to or call the phone 694 497 724.

Or if you prefer, contact us here and we will at your service.