Meet our latest projects

Hangar and pumping station
Wilaya M'Sila, Algeria
Extension for the food sector
In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Bellara Steel
Lymsa manufactures part of the Algerian steel complex

Meet LYM, S.A.

With over 47 years of experience since 1968, Lymsa is at the forefront of design and construction of industrial buildings and steel structures.

Noted news

Meritorio séptimo puesto del Equipo Lymsa Golf
Séptimo puesto del Equipo Lymsa en la segunda prueba del circuito de golf Copa Levante - Memorial Francisco Gil 2019
El Lymsa Golf al frente de la clasificación
Comienza el circuito de golf Copa Levante - Memorial Francisco Gil 2019 - con victoria del Equipo Lymsa
NHL triumph in the Spanish Championship of adapted paddle
No Hay Límite keeps making history after winning two of the four national categories
The University of Alicante returns to the facilities of Lymsa
Last Friday ended the second visit of this season of the students of the 4th Degree of Civil Engineering of the University of Alicante in Lymsa.